2022 Highlights

Unearthing Genius and Joy

May 10–11, 2022

Renita Miller

“Too often, the genius, joy, contributions, service, and overall awesomeness of folks from underrepresented backgrounds are overlooked, hidden, and kept secret. There is research that even suggests that terms like brilliance and genius are not associated with people of color. The Inclusive Academy (IA) Symposium and the BADI Awards are designed to unearth, unhide, and celebrate the genius, joy, and contributions of this community.” —Renita Miller, Former Associate Dean of Access, Diversity, and Inclusion and Founder of the Inclusive Academy Symposium

A goody bag
Three people speaking
person standing
two people smiling
three people sitting
group standing
tables and chairs
three people standing
People standing
person speaking
many people
Six people sitting
Person giving speech
Three people standing
Person standing
two people sitting
A drink
Group of three speaking
masked person sitting
person standing and two sitting
person standing
card on a table
person posing
group posing
three people speaking
three people standing
three people standing
two people standing
people sitting with plates
Four people standing
Person at speakers stand
Person speaking into microphone
people with their hands up
array of awards
Person with drink
Pins on a table
couch on stage
person smiling
person standing
two people standing
person speaking
four people standing
five people standing
Five people standing
Two people hugging 
four people standing
three people sitting
a group of people
Two masked people sitting
people sitting
person smiling
two people posing
person sitting
people standing
four people standing
Flower Bouquet 
Two people with award
People sitting down
people sitting on stage
A group of three sitting down
A group of three talking
four people standing
two people sitting
person speaking
two people speaking
board with text
person sitting
stage horizontally
one person laughing with others
three people standing
empty tables and plants
person speaking
person standing and speaking
Large group of people sitting
Two people standing
person standing at speaking stand


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