The Graduate School at Princeton University has made significant progress in creating an inclusive community as well as diversifying its population of scholars. We are deeply committed to building an inclusive and equitable community where every graduate student feels welcome and can thrive academically, socially, and professionally. With that in mind, and as part of the Access, Diversity, and Inclusion team’s overall strategic goals, we are hosting our inaugural diversity conference, The Inclusive Academy (IA) Symposium. 

The IA Symposium is an in-person two-day diversity conference held on Wednesday, May 11th, and Thursday, May 12th focused on supporting graduate students and post-doctoral scholars from underrepresented backgrounds, on an array of topics related to success in the academy and on the job market. The symposium is focused on bringing graduate students and post-doctoral scholars from underrepresented backgrounds together while also providing a platform to discuss critical topics for thriving and success through a holistic and intersectional lens. We will host panels, speakers, and workshops that enhance their knowledge and understanding of topics related to academic entrepreneurship, cultivating joy, interviewing, salary negotiations, and financial literacy in addition to strengthening their leadership, public speaking, networking ability, and storytelling skills. While this year's in-person events are limited to Princeton affiliates, we are excited to allow IA workshop viewing via live stream for graduate students and postdocs at other institutions.  

The Best of Access, Diversity, and Inclusion Awards, The BADI Awards

Additionally, the symposium will culminate in the first of its kind award dinner, The Best of Access, Diversity, and Inclusion Awards, also known as the BADI awards. The BADI awards will honor and celebrate faculty, staff, post-docs, and graduate students who have made significant impacts in the Princeton graduate student community around diversity and inclusion.  We are proud to shine a much-deserved light on the efforts of our exemplary graduate students as well as those dedicated to uplifting them.

The theme of this year’s conference is 'Unearthing Genius and Joy’. To unearth means to discover something hidden, kept secret. Too often, the genius, joy, contributions, service, and overall awesomeness of folks from underrepresented backgrounds are overlooked, hidden, and kept secret. There is research that even suggests that terms like brilliance and genius are not associated with people of color. The Inclusive Academy (IA) Symposium and the BADI Awards are designed to unearth, unhide, and celebrate the genius, joy, and contributions of this community.   

Symposium Leadership

Renita Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Access, Diversity and Inclusion
Nova Smith
Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives

Access, Inclusion and Diversity Team

Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean Diversity Initiatives in the Natural Sciences
Joel Boggess
Coordinator for Diversity Initiatives in the Natural Sciences

Diversity Fellows

Chelsey Clark
4th Year, Psychology
Courtney DelPo
4th Year, Chemistry
Erin Flowers
Head Diversity Fellow, 5th Year, Astrophysics
Angelika Joseph
Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Initiative Diversity Fellow, 2nd Year, Architecture
Mélena Laudig
3rd Year, Religion
Annabel Lemma
6th Year, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Amari Tankard
3rd Year, Molecular Biology