Roohi Dalal

Astrophysical Sciences PhD Student

Roohi is a third-year graduate student in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences, studying how we can use the distribution of galaxies around us to understand fundamental properties of the universe. As the current president of the Women in STEM Leadership Council (WSTEM), she has helped organize various events to foster and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion at the university, including discussion sessions on systemic racism in academia, inclusive teaching workshops, and a panel on reporting processes and support available to students experiencing bias, discrimination, or harassment. As a part of WSTEM, she has worked with the ADI team, the Office of the Provost, SHARE, Title IX, and the Graduate School to advocate for changes to better support students from underrepresented backgrounds, including holistic admissions practices and more distributed advising structures. Roohi is also a member of the Astrophysics Department’s Climate Committee and a peer mentor with the Graduate Scholars Program.